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A highly motivated group of delegates from Gauteng recently attended a one-week workshop on Business Skills for Poultry Producers, funded by the DPFO.

This is a relatively new course being offered by the Poultry Management Training Centre at the KZNPI and is proving highly successful. Delegates are taught to do projected cash flows, to write business and marketing plans and to understand simple economic principles amongst others. (See the Training page for full detail on the course). The course is very “hands-on” and learners get to apply their new-found skills to their own businesses during the week. This often proves to be an eye-opening experience !

There was plenty of lively interaction in the classroom and the course facilitator, Shelley Johnston reported that the levels of enthusiasm and maturity of the delegates were “amazing”.

The class of successful Business Skills attendees

The facilitator, Shelley Johnston, helps with calculations

A hilarious marketing role play which had the class in fits of laughter!

Hard at work on Excel spreadsheets. Converting production figures to Rands and Cents!

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