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The staff and students at KZNPI were very happy to have the new generator available to run the air conditioners, geysers and stove during the recent snowy weather. Our old generator could only cope with the bare essentials during a power outage, hence, power to the farm was prioritised and the chicks stayed toasty warm while the staff all bundled up in coats, scarves and beanies!

Ray Filmer of Cummins Power Generation uplifted the old generator and and installed the new one with very little disruption to operations at KZNPI and we are grateful for his expertise. Our Estates manager, Gavin Forrest, coordinated the project with his usual hands-on efficiency. Thank you gentlemen !

KZNPI Estates Manager, Gavin Forrest and Ray Filmer, Regional Manager of Cummins Power Generation with the new generator installed at the Institute

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