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Asked by KZNPI team, why exactly he chose poultry farming, he said “When I was still young, I remember my first experience with chickens is when I was working for Mr Dennis Nisbet. He was a free range farmer. I would work on the weekends and see Mr Nisbet take his eggs to Spar and come back with the roll of cash and show me. I would be like wow, so much money. That is where I  got my Inspiration and passion from. But besides money I have always had a close and special feeling about farming.”

The business is almost 5 months old with one fully automated layer house that accommodates 25000 chickens. Everything inside is automatic – feeding, egg collection, lighting, ventilation and watering. He said a young farmer should not feel bad for dreaming big. He insists that it is the only way that he/she could see the fruits of doing it since the profit margins are so thin.

“With the high feed costs and current status of the economy, I think it is not a good idea to start small. The market is there all you need to do is take on the opportunity. Yes you will meet challenges along the way. There will be some critics and doubts from other people telling you that you won’t make it. Some of the things they will be saying, will require you to think carefully about every decision you make and some would be to discourage you; ignore those.”Vincent Ndlovu in class

Vincent attended  Commercial Layer  and Poultry Business Skills courses between 2011 and 2013 at KZNPI. He said his biggest highlight was the session about bio-security. That is clearly visible as you approach his harm. The house is well fenced off with an electric fence and every vehicle that is entering the farm gets sprayed by chemicals to kill diseases.

He truly believe that, the growth and failure of any farm is largely dependent on enforcing proper bio -security measures and good management skills and that is why he had taken that decision to do training with the Institute.

“I am planning to send my staff as well to get trained. People out there should know that successful business takes proper planning, preparation and relevant skills or information about that particular business.”

He went on to say so far the percentage mortality has remained low owing to the good equipment system and the production have peaked nicely.

Future Plans:



“At the moment I am busy renovating staff dwellings; but also planning to build 6 more houses of the same capacity and the pack station. As part of my future plans I am happy to tell you that I have discovered an underground source of water.Cooling vents

This borehole will generate about 4000 litres of water and possible more per hour. This will have a positive impact on my input costs and also to have an abundant supply of water enough to run at least the whole production.


A word of advice onto the farmers out there; you must have a vision and focus. Do it the right way. Talk to financial institutions, use land the government has bought for people. Get more info, make use of this new technology and lastly never give up on your vision and have faith.”

Vincent extended his sincere gratitude to the Agricultural Development Agency (ADA), Avi Pharm and Dynamic Automation for making his project a great success.■




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