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KZNPI at Avi Africa 2014

“Guess the eggs in the jar?”

For the first time this year the KZNPI was an exhibitor in the Commercial hall at Avi Africa 2014. KZNPI staff Aubrey, Ndumiso, Janet and Shelley all spent time on the stand and were kept very busy chatting to all our visitors. Many people entered our competition to win a free training course with accommodation and subsidized training.

What your answer could have been?









Dr Shelley Johnston interacting with visitors to our stand

It did not matter which combination that would have been the right one for Mr Jacob Sasebola. He considered every person who visited KZNPI stand, a winner because of the information that was obtainable from stand.








Jacob on the right – receiving his Poultry Business Skills certificate

Jacob was the grand prize winner of the competition “Guess the eggs in the jar”.

He won himself a course, fully paid by KZNPI including travel costs. He had to choose a course that best suits him from the various courses the Institute offer. Below is his email thanking KZNPI for the prize he won after being notified as the winner of the competition:


Hi Janet Lee;

Morning mom ‘I think I will be interested on the (spread sheet skills for poultry farmers) which takes place on the 21—24-july-2014,i wish u will let me know if the course is on the run

God bless

Yours in GOD’S faith



Jacob clearly scored big time; not only that he won the course, he also got himself a “Mom” Congratulations Jacob and to you Janet for getting yourself such a handsome son.

guess the eggs in the jar







No.155a was the KZNPI ID at Avi Africa 2014

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