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Through Brian Thomas the Technical Advisor at Afgri Feeds, the KZNPI received an invitation to talk at a Poultry Farmers Day in Matatiele which was arranged by Meghan Ellis of LIMA Rural Development Foundation.

Matat 1

Left to Right: Meghan Ellis (LIMA), Brian Thomas (AFGRI), Jason (Kukukaya), Ian Dickinson (Kukukaya), Gibson (LIMA), Ndumiso Khumalo (KZNPI), Dave Spark (AFGRI) and Teboho Polesa (LIMA).


The KZNPI highly believes in up-skilling poultry farmers in our country, especially those starting up. This helps farmers to understand the both the technical and business aspects of farming and to be more aware of what they are in for. This helps boost their levels of understanding and enthusiasm. Some of the challenges which farmers in Matatiele are facing are the supply of chicks, feed, vaccines and brooding (especially in winter). All these issues were addressed and LIMA is working hand in hand with Afgri Feeds to overcome these issues, to help ease things for these hard working farmers.



Ndumiso Khumalo of KZNPI delivering his presentation

Kukukaya was also present to demonstrate their alternative form of housing through their Modular Coop Solutions. In his presentation, Ian Dickinson highlighted one major advantage of less feed consumption with excellent growth rates.


Far Right:Brian, Ndumiso, Jason and Dave

The Matatiele farmers were happy with what was covered on the day and they asked if this could be done more often to motivate and keep them up to speed. “LEARNING IS POWER” was evident on the day. The attendance was phenomenal and the farmers showed enthusiasm and great participation.

To finish off the day in style, there was a competition where two farmers walked away with a 50Kg of Laying Mash and Broiler Finisher all from AFGRI. Gibson and Brian handed the prizes to the winners.


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