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We give you the tools to spread your wings!
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06 – 10 October 2014

Being a high school or primary school educator takes a lot of time and commitment. That means you always have to be in front of the class giving it all to the best of your abilities for the future of the new and young generations of this country. And the week seems not to be enough with the exams less than 50 days ahead. Sometimes you have to use extra hours over the weekend to make up for the time lost handling late comers; it seems impossible to finish all work on time. And we all know what that means; ‘less time for yourself.’ Your future becomes the least of your priorities.


To accommodate you, we have set a special date just for you so you will get that chance, you have been longing for.

From the 06th to the 10th of October, we have set the course date for those educators who have been looking to starting their egg selling project.

The course is one week: Monday to Friday.


Why you should attend?

  1. After the course, participants will have the practical know-how on how to manage their flock of hens. The following aspects are covered: cleaning, pullet rearing, and housing new point of lay pullets, bird health, bio-security (disease control), feeding, house design, managing the environment, egg handling and storage, record keeping and more.
  2. Industry recognized certificate
  3. You will be able to earn an extra income from selling eggs
  4. This is the last  course before the end of the year, which means if you miss this opportunity, your 2014 resolution has not yet been met and you will need to make a 2015 New Years’ Resolution : Start my own Layer Business !




For application, the application form is downloadable from our website. Alternatively you may contact us to arrange your booking, not later than 1st October 2014.

Thank you



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