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We give you the tools to spread your wings!
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The institute is grateful to have successfully run its entire year end scheduled course for 2014. We would like to thank all the participants for making it possible. We also would exclusively like to thank NSPCA for allowing their officials (Nazareth Appalsamy and Grace de Lange- both are animal welfare inspectors) to attend our Production Courses. They participated and shared their point of views, the presentations they both did were such an eye opener and the fellow delegates were humbled to have seen these presentations.

The organisations such as SaveAct through Erna Kruger, Ladysmith Local Municipality through DAFF Funding also sent some delegates mostly from villages. A big thanks to these organisations, also very important, the individuals were also part of these trainings. We will always appreciate having you all for being part of our courses and we strongly believe that you all benefited and that you will go out there and make a difference.





These are taken direct from the evaluation forms.

  1. On quality of the course content and structure
  • “I will recommend to anyone who intends to start a chicken farm to attend at KZNPI.”
  • “I enjoyed everything from lecture to practical farm, keep up the good work.”
  • “The course covered all my objectives and answered all questions I had in mind. The biggest advantage is that all theory can easily be applied practically.”


  1. On the quality of presentation and facilitation
  • “The facilitator was very good to us he answered all our questions to our satisfaction, he went an extra mile explaining all we asked.”
  • “The facilitator was good, professional, friendly, experienced and a motivational presenter. He is a true inspiration, young man keep it up.”
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