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We give you the tools to spread your wings!
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Poultry Business Skills

Poultry Business Skills

This five day interactive workshop is essential for people wanting to start their own broiler or layer business, and for those producers who need to improve their business skills to improve profitability. A knowledge of spreadsheets will enable delegates to derive most benefit.

All examples and case studies are specific to poultry and each delegate is encouraged to apply the principles to their own circumstances. Delegates are taught how to keep accurate records, do simple production forecasts and predicted cash flows using spreadsheets. These templates are taken home for future use.

The workshop is now also offered via correspondence. This is ideal if you are thinking of starting a broiler or egg production unit but cannot take time off work, or are unable to travel. You will be sent modules to study and exercises to complete and hand in for assessment, all in your own time. An experienced facilitator will be on hand to assist with your queries.

The course includes inter alia the following topics :

  • The poultry industry in South Africa
  • Essential entrepreneurial skills
  • The feasibility study
  • Market research
  • Predicting your cash flow
  • Writing a business plan for a poultry farm
  • Production records
  • Marketing poultry products
  • Managing your finances

Cost of this course: R7355
Bookings: training@kznpi.co.za