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We give you the tools to spread your wings!
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Poultry Production

Poultry Production

This course covers the essentials of both broiler and table egg (commercial layer) production. It is aimed at those already working on a poultry farm, those wanting to start a broiler or layer business and for the technical support staff from the allied industries who need to know more to better assist their customers.

Candidates are shown on the training farm how to manage the broiler and layer flocks and are encouraged to get involved in the daily routines of feeding, weighing, drinker and ventilation management etc.

The course includes inter alia the following topics :

  • Brooding the young broiler
  • Bird health
  • Biosecurity and hygiene
  • Feeding
  • Water supply
  • Poultry house design
  • Managing the chickens’ environment
  • Commercial layers
  • Record keeping

Cost of this 5 day course: R6115
Bookings: training@kznpi.co.za