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We give you the tools to spread your wings!
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  • ‘Warm greetings from your last bunch of students. They still can’s keep quiet about the learning quality and the treatment your institution provided and certainly as a company we have seen such a huge difference”

  • “I believe that the course content and facilitation are perfect. I will recommend this course to others. Well organised and presented.

  • “I also learnt a lot about infectious diseases, cash management and record keeping. It will add value to my day to day operation of my poultry farm

  • “The program was beneficial and enjoyable. The training materials are excellent. It was wonderfully co-ordinated and presented by Mr Gwala.

  • “The content, study guide and facilitator was excellent. The course was informative and interesting for people / advisors who knew nothing about broilers and also updated people who had basics on poultry.

  • “It was more than what I expected. It makes one fall in love with doing poultry and to learn more since everything in this course was clear and good.

  • “The facilitator is interested in the subject. He loves his job. He is very knowledgeable. He explains everything clearly. He is a perfectionist, his work is excellent. So far this is the best facilitated course I have ever attend, no need for improvement.

  • “The material was well prepared, simple and clear, that one can read and understand on his/her own. The facilitator was fantastic. Knowledgeable with experience”

  • “It delivered more than what I had expected. I gained a lot from the training. There is really nothing to be improved since everything was clear, well detailed and very informative and useful. The facilitator is very knowledgeable and you can see that it’s in his blood. He was able to answer all questions satisfactory – very friendly person. He went the extra mile to make sure we understand everything.

  • “They course has been very useful to us especially me. I have benefitted in terms of mind set and my general management of broiler production”

  • “The course was informative. I realised that some of the activities we have been doing were wrong and that lead us to our projects failing. I have improved a lot. The content of the course was relevant to our day-to-day duties. If we can practice what we preach we can take the industry forward.

  • “I have benefitted a lot as I reach home I will have to do a lot of corrections on the way I was doing my project especially on BIOSECURITY

  • “Maintain the standard. Walter, you are the best presenter who knows very well about poultry and when you present you don’t get tired because you love chickens as well as presenting to your audience. To me this kind of course is for future generations because it is more than good, it is excellent.

  • “I am blown away by the difference that you make to your students on your courses. Your enthusiasm and encouragement is infectious. You certainly go all the way and more than what is necessary

  • “The facilitator is knowledgeable and you can tell is very passionate about poultry and training people. He shares stories and experiences that are interesting. The material was well prepared and presented, also interactive and refreshing. Presentation was top of the range.

  • “I really learnt some important things about keeping commercial layers. Very good. 100%. A very well put together course and explained well. Thanks. Good job.

  • “Walter is such a professional and well-spoken person. Good practical sessions. Visuals and sound was perfect. The course did cover everything and the facilitation was good. Don’t change anything about it.

  • “The course delivered especially the biosecurity part which was not known to me. Keep the good work. Walter is professional, gave practical examples, encourages participation from the class and answered questions well.

  • “The presentations and course content is at an excellent standard. The facilitator was always on point; he was audible and made each topic interesting. It was well facilitated. Excellent, keep it up. It met all my expectations.