We give you the tools to spread your wings!
We give you the tools to spread your wings!
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The KZNPI Experience

A one week course at the KZNPI offers a Stay-and-Learn package as well as the opportunity to meet other people making their way in the poultry industry.
Learning at the KZNPI underpins the “how” of best poultry production practice with the all-important “why”. Delegates then understand the reasoning behind the daily activities and decisions made in the poultry shed.
Classroom time is when learners find out what makes the chicken tick; the basics of anatomy, nutrition, physiology, reproduction, health and disease.   With this foundation, the focus moves to understanding sound poultry management practices and how to implement them. The all-important aspect of record keeping is not neglected.
The training material has been prepared by experts and is facilitated in an easy-to-understand format with extensive slide and video content. Questions and class discussions are actively encouraged.
It all comes together on the training farm with practical work where the hands-on stuff is tackled : preparing the brooding area for young chicks, feeding, weighing, monitoring the environment, health assessment, vaccination, egg collection, sample taking and record keeping. Early morning flock checks stress that poultry farming a 24/7 occupation !
There are all classes of poultry on the training farm : broilers and broiler breeders, pullets in rear and commercial layers. This affords the opportunity to experience the poultry speciality of your choice.   There is also a small hatchery for those keen on studying the science of incubation and day old chick production.
The experience doesn’t stop there …. Fully catered accommodation is available at the institute in simple, single room hostels with shared bathroom facilities. Alternatively there are a number of other accommodation options close to the KZNPI. Evenings can be spent chatting with fellow delegates, watching some TV or challenging your classmates to a game of pool or table soccer.