We give you the tools to spread your wings!
We give you the tools to spread your wings!
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Poultry production (5d) 3-7 May, 1-5 Nov R6806 course content

Commercial layers (5d) 6-10 Sept R6806 course content

Broiler breeders (5d) TBC course content

Managing a poultry abattoir (5d) 21-25 Jun*, 18-22 Oct, 29 Nov – 3 Dec R8789 course content

Pullet rearing 7-11 Jun, 4-8 Oct R6566

Practical broiler production (5d) 5-9 Jul, 15-19 Nov R6806 course content

Biosecurity (3d) 25-27 May*, 29 June – 1 Jul*, 27-29 Jul*, 21-23 September R4800 course content

Practical egg production (5d) 2-6 August R6806

Hatchery management (5d) 31 May – 4 Jun*, 16-2-August R8185 course content

Poultry supervisory skills (5d) 19-23 July R8625

* subsidized courses

Online Courses

Profitable broiler production (5 weeks) 19 Jul – 23 Aug R6566 course content

Profitable egg production (5 weeks) 12 Jul- 16 Aug R6566 course content

Poultry business skills (5 weeks) 13 Sept – 18 Oct R7035 course content