We give you the tools to spread your wings!
We give you the tools to spread your wings!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q : How long are your standard courses ?
A : Our short courses are all five days long and run from Monday morning to Friday lunchtime.

Q : Where are the courses held ?
A : KZNPI and /or at your farm for groups of ten or more. Please contact us for a quote

Q : Who should attend a course ?
A : New-entrant poultry farmers, extension officers, supervisors and trainee farmers / farm managers, poultry industry TAs

Q : What education level do I need to have to attend a course ?
A : Our courses are at NQF Level 3. You must be able to read and write in English and use a calculator. It is advantageous but not essential to have a matric and we make every effort to assist you during the course.

Training in isiZulu or English can be arranged for group bookings at NQF Level 1These course notes are in English and isiZulu and competency is assessed on practical assignments.

Q: What do the courses cost ?
A : Please refer to the course calendar for the latest costs

Q : Where can I stay while I attend a course ?
A : There is single-room residence accommodation at the KZNPI for up to 30 people. Please see Accommodation for more information

Q: I am not yet farming with chickens but I want to start. What should I do ?
A : Knowledge is very important

Q : Is there any practical work in the courses ?
A : The courses comprises roughly 70% theoretical training and 30% practical work on the Institute’s training farm which has broilers, layers, breeders and a small hatchery

Q : Will I get a qualification if I attend a short course ?
A : Our training material is aligned to the South African Qualification Authority (SAQA) Unit Standards. However there is not enough time during a five day course, to adequately cover all the material so we so cannot award a full or part qualification. You will however leave the five day short course with a Certificate of Achievement or a Certificate of Attendance.

Q : Will I be assessed during the course ?
A : On-going practical assessments are conducted on the farm and there are written tests during the course of the week.