We give you the tools to spread your wings!
We give you the tools to spread your wings!
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The KwaZulu-Natal Poultry Institute is situated in the Bisley Valley Nature Reserve some eight kilometers from the Pietermaritzburg city centre.  We’re a non-profit company, originally established to meet the needs of the local poultry industry in diagnostics, disease management, communication and 

training.  We have grown to become Africa’s premier training facility for poultry farmers at all levels. From household to small and mid-sized producers to the staff of large companies, we have a poultry course for you!

About us

The KZNPI has, in recent years, spread it’s wings up into Africa, with extensive training of students from Tanzania, Zambia, Mozambique, Nigeria and Mauritius.

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Training & Courses

We are an accredited AgriSeta Education and Training Provider and are also accredited for the NATIONAL CERTIFICATE IN POULTRY PRODUCTION – NQF Level 3.

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Membership of the KZN Poultry Institute is open to any individual, institution or company associated with the poultry industry within southern Africa.

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  • “The content, study guide and facilitator was excellent. The course was informative and interesting for people / advisors who knew nothing about broilers and also updated people who had basics on poultry.”

  • “It delivered more than what I had expected. I gained a lot from the training. There is really nothing to be improved since everything was clear, well detailed and very informative and useful. The facilitator is very knowledgeable and you can see that it’s in his blood. He was able to answer all questions satisfactory – very friendly person. He went the extra mile to make sure we understand everything.”

  • “The course was informative. I realised that some of the activities we have been doing were wrong and that lead us to our projects failing. I have improved a lot. The content of the course was relevant to our day-to-day duties. If we can practice what we preach we can take the industry forward.”

  • “Maintain the standard. Walter, you are the best presenter who knows very well about poultry and when you present you don’t get tired because you love chickens as well as presenting to your audience. To me this kind of course is for future generations because it is more than good, it is excellent.”

  • “The program was beneficial and enjoyable. The training materials are excellent. It was wonderfully co-ordinated and presented by Mr Gwala.”

  • “I believe that the course content and facilitation are perfect. I will recommend this course to others. Well organised and presented.”